Creating a Course for Class Tracking

When creating a course for classroom or session tracking purposes, you need to start by create a course record.  

    A) Select Course
    B) Insert a Course Record and click Next

A new Course Record will be created.  Please pay special attention to any field in green

  1. Select the K/S Table.  This is the folder you wish to organize the course in.
  2. Enter a Title and Description for the Course
  3. Do you want the course available in a catalog:  Yes/No
  4. Do you want learners in enroll themselves (Yes) or are you going to enroll them directly (No)
  5. These are the notifications and duplicate enrollment.  The three email notifications can be set to Yes or No depending on your needs.  The Allow Duplicate Enrollment can be set to Yes or No.  Leave on No if this course only needs to be completed once in a lifetime of the learner.
  6. Have course Autocomplete should be set to No for Classroom style courses.
  7. Optional – This is where you assign the catalog this course belongs in.  Select from dropdown list.
  8. Once all information is complete, click Done or Return to save.  Refresh will save and remain on current screen.


Once the course has been saved the next step is to create the specific instance or occurrence of the course.  This is called a Class.

  1. Select Course
  2. Insert a Class Record and click Next

Select the course you wish to create a class occurrence of and click Next.

A new Class Record will be created.  Please pay special attention to any field in green

  • Select the location from the drop-down.  If the location has not been created this will need to be created first:
  • Click the Setup button on the left panel and use the Resources and Locations dropdown to Insert Location Record:

  1. Enter the Start Date and Time, the End Date and Time of the class.  The enrollment cut off date is the optional date that can be set to no longer allow enrollments.  Time Zone should be selected.
  2. Enter the Title/Information for the class.  This could include the Course title, location and date of the class.
  3. If applicable, enter the max number of learners allowed in the class.
  4. Click Refresh to save the class.
  5. Optional – You can batch enroll learners at this time, to do this you will need each students Directory Service ID.  The Directory Service ID can be found be running the List of Learners report from the Report tab.

If you are batch enrolling learners in the class, (1) enter each Directory Service ID be row.  (2) You can set the enrollment status at the same time.   Set to Not Complete if the learner still needs to attend the Class or Completed Satisfactorily if the learner has already attending and completed the class.  (3) Click Submit to complete the enrollment.