Adding or Removing a Learner from a Class

Adding or Removing a Learner from a Class
As an administrator, you can manually add or remove learners from a class.
Adding a Learner:
  1. From the main admin area select the Courses button on the left panel, use the classes dropdown to select Review a Class Record and click next:
  1. Locate the desired Course Title and Class instance, then click next:
  1. To see who is already enrolled in the course or to manually add learners individually select the option for Class Roster:
  1. On the new window, you will be able to see the names of the learners currently enrolled in the course. From this screen, you can add or remove learners. To add a new learner, click the Add button:
  1. Use the dropdown, magnifying glass or search button to locate the desired learner and click Done:
Removing a Learner:
  1. To remove a learner who is already enrolled in the class you will open the Class Roster, select the desired learner from the list of those currently enrolled and click the Next button:
  1. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the new window: