Using the Attendance Verification Sheet for Bulk Completions

Using the Attendance Verification Sheet for Bulk Completions
Not only can the Attendance Verification Sheet be used to see who should be showing up to the classroom session, it can also be used to bulk upload completions for those who attended/completed the class. Here are the steps:
  1. From the main admin area select the Courses button on the left panel, use the classes dropdown to select Review a Class Record and click next:
  1. Locate the desired Course Title and Class instance, then click next:
  1. Click on the Retrieve Attendance Verification Sheet option to download the Excel spreadsheet:
  1. There will be one learner per row on the spreadsheet. To mark the learner as having completed and attended the course, change the following three fields:
  • Attended – Set to the number 1 for yes and 2 for no
  • Enrollment Results Date – Set to the date the class took place
  • Enrollment Results ID = Set to number 1 for Completed Satisfactorily and 2 for Completed Unsatisfactorily
Optional Field:
  • If the learner completed an assessment during the class you can add the score to the Enrollment Results Manual Score column
  1. Once the spreadsheet has been updated and save, click the option for Upload Attendance Verification Sheet:
  1. Click the Choose File button, browse to where you saved the Attendance Verification Spreadsheet and click Upload: