Adding a qualified instructor

If you want to be able to assign a learner to be the “Qualified Instructor” of a course you must update the member record. Here are the steps:


From the People Area, search for (or insert) the desired profile.



On the member’s record, set the flag for is a qualified instructor to Yes and click done to return to the home screen.





From the Setup area, select Insert Resource Record and click Next. 




On the form provide the Resource Title, use the drop down to set the type to instructor and then use drop down for instructor name. Click Done once finished.


The next step is to assign the qualified instructor to the course they are qualified to facilitate. Locate the course you wish to assign the instructor to: Select Courses > under Courses > Review a Course Outline, then click Next. Locate the course, and open the Modify a Course Record Screen. Click the Review Qualified Instructors and add the appropriate user(s) to the list. Click done once finished:

In the class record, the name of the instructor will now be available on the drop down menu: