Creating a certification

  • From the People tab, under Categories & Certifications, choose Insert a Certification record and click Next.

  • Input a title and description, then hit refresh.

  • Prerequisite Certification - You can define a prerequisite certification which will prevent a learner from being able to access this certification until the previous certification is complete.
  • Sequence - You can define the order in which the certifications appear within the student interface.
  • Send Members Notifications Upon Assignment - To send Learners an email notifying them of the certification assignment, choose Yes.
Adding courses to your certification:
  • “Click here” beside “Review Course Certifications.

  • Click Add.

  • Once the Review Course Certification form appears, choose the desired course from the top dropdown.
  • Choose Activity Type as Online Course.
  • Set the desired sequence for the course within the certification. We encourage you to count by 10s in case you ever want to add courses between the current records.
  • Set the Automatically Enroll Members to Yes to have the course automatically appear on the current enrollments (after the certification start date).
Email Reminder Settings on Certifications: 
  • Assignment Start Date – This is the initial line in the sand. Any completions of the course from before this date will not count towards the certification.
  • Required Initial Completion Date:  This is the desired completion date for the course.
  • Send Notification Period:  This is the reminder before the due date.  It MUST be set in order for nags to work.
  • New Member Certification Period:  This is the grace period given to anyone who is assigned the certification after the initial assignment.
  • Recurring Notification Frequency:  Frequency of reminders. This is typically set to two weeks.
Here is an example of the form once completed:
  • Language – If you set the language it means that only learners with that specific language will be assigned the course
  • Assignment Overdue Note – This field may be used in the email template. If so, add the course specific note to this field and it will automatically be added to the emails.
Repeat the "Adding Courses" steps for all desired courses.