Setting up a new course and adding content.

Setting Up a Course Record
A course record is populated with one or more content records.  A basic course consists of one content record for the content module, and one content record for a test. 
  • To create a course record, from the Courses tab, choose Insert a Course Record.

  • Choose the K/S Table that will house the course.
  • Insert a title and short description (or a couple of spaces for no description).
  • If using catalogs, see notes below.
  • Set the course pass rate
  • Select Yes for Allow Duplicate Enrollment.
  • Select Yes for Have Course Autocomplete. 
  • If your course is going to have a separate KMx test, also select Yes for Auto Complete Only Requires Passing Grade.   Otherwise, leave this set to No.
  • Click Done.

Populating Your Course Record with Content Records
Here is how to create a sample course with two content records:  one content module and a test.
From the Courses tab, choose Review a Course Outline.

  • Select the K/S table that houses the course record, then select your course record from the drop down.
  • The course record will appear as below. 
  • If you have developed a module in the Vubiz authoring tool, Vubiz will setup a content record for you that contains the module.   Once that has been done, you can do the following.
  • If the content record is not in the system you can click the type of content to be added and follow the steps. If the content has already been loaded into the system select the Insert Content button:

  • Choose the K/S table and content record, then click Return: 
  • Click the plus sign to bring the content record into view:
  • The content record will appear beneath the course record:

In this example, we are creating a course consisting of one content record that is a module without a test, plus a second test content record.  Because the module does not itself contain a test, we do not need to change any settings here to weight the content record or set a pass rate. Both will be done on the test, once inserted. We recommend using the Excel upload feature to create your assessments. Insert your test as you did the module content record. 
  • Select Insert Content.

  • Choose your K/S table, the test content record, then set the weighting on the test at 100.
  • Click Return.
  • Click the title of the Test to edit settings.

  • Use the sliders to set the pass rate to 80% (or as required). Leave the Maximum Test Retakes at zero to allow unlimited attempts, or set the number of retakes allowed (i.e. 2 retakes = 3 attempts).  Set Must Complete Previous Sco to yes (prevents the learner from accessing the test before they complete the course materials), then click Return.

  • Preview Course to save changes. 

  • Check that course pass grade (set on the course record) is at 80% and that the weight of your test is 100. 

Important Step:
Always assign yourself the course and test run it from a Learner perspective to make sure it completes properly and moves from your Current Enrollments to your Completed Training area.