Bulk Enrollment in a Course

For bulk enrollment, the key variable used to identify a Learner is Directory Services ID (In most cases, this is the employee ID).  You can typically get this from your List of Learners report. 

Here are the steps to bulk enroll:
  • From your home screen, choose the Courses tab (1).  Under the courses drop down, choose Review eLearning Enrollments (2) and click Next (3).

  • Select the course from the dropdown.
  • Choose Batch Enroll Members.

  • Copy and paste the list of Directory Services Ids into the field.  Make sure there are no trailing spaces after the last one (that is, your cursor should be positioned right after the last 2 in the last number in the screenshot below with no space after that).
  •  Set the desired enrollment status using the dropdown menu and the desired date then click Submit.