Bulk Enrollment in a Certification

Bulk Enrollment in a Certification

This article details the steps to follow in order to enroll multiple learners into a certification manually.  

  1. Click the People Tab
  2. Select Review Certification Record from the drop down
  3. Click Next.

On the following screen:

  1. From the drop-down, select the Certification you wish to add to learners
  2. Click Next

From the next screen you have a couple of options:

  1. Allows you to batch enroll multiple learners
  2. Send an email (if available) to all learners currently enrolled in the certification

Bulk Enroll Members

Selecting this option, brings up the following screen:

  1. Enter the Directory service ID for each learner you wish to enroll in the course.  One entry per line.  The Directory Service IDs can be found by running the List of Learners report from the Reports Tab > Then > KMx Dynamic Report Menu. The IDs can be entered manually or cut and paste from excel.
  2. Click Submit when finished
  3. Can be used to remove the certification instead of adding.