Creating a Test and Assigning to a Course

Step 1: Create the test content  

Select Content > then Insert a Test Record > Next.
Select the K/S Table (folder) you wish to place the new test in.  In the example Product Knowledge > Next
Select the Type of Content Record you wish to create > Test/Exam > Click Next

Update the Required Title > Scroll to the bottom of the page and click refresh > Click on Instructions – Test Item Import.

A New window will open with all the instructions for completing the template

Scroll to the bottom of the page > Click the Download the import template:

Complete the excel sheet using the instructions noted above. Save the excel sheet to a location you will remember.
Click the Import Test Items button > import the previously save excel sheet with all the questions completed.

Click the View Content Button > this will allow you to preview your questions.

Step 2: Assign the test content to a Course

Select Courses > the review a course outline > then Next > Select the K/S table (Product Knowledge as an example)

Select on the Course record (If appropriate), if one does not exist, one will have to be created with the Insert Course Record > rather then Review Course Outline from above.
 Once the course record is displayed, click the Insert Content Button (looks like a header but is a button)

Select the K/S Table where the test is stored > Select the Content Record (Name of Test) > set the test weight to 100.

The Test will now be added to the Course Outline > Click on the link for the test item.

Verify the retake information > set the Pass / Fail Threshold > Then click Done.

Once all your changes have been made, preview the course to complete the setup.